Shipping & Payment Information

Shipping Information
For all orders placed within USA shipping are made by UPS and/or FedEx Ground, the charge is based on the weight of the order. We can also use client’s account with UPS or FedEx if preferred.

For domestic shipping an estimate for commercial areas are from USD$0.75 to USD$1.50 per bottle, it depends on the packing of the perfume itself, and delivering time to major cities are around 2 to 6 business days.

Orders with more than 350 pounds are put in a Pallet; we have a great discount (up to 80% off) with the major freight companies like FedEx Freight, Gold Coast, JIT, AAA Cooper and others. It will take 1 to 4 business days to almost destinations.
A pallet going to Miami port or cargo companies has a flat fee of USD$50.00 per pallet with same day delivery.


International Shipping -Over 100Kgs (usually orders starting at UDS$10,000)
One of the option for shipping is sending to an international airport in your country; you will need to release the goods from customs and rearrange the pick up or get a local broker to so. All international orders are packed in pallets. We can ship by air (takes 1 day to most countries, once the pallets are on the plane) or by ocean (will take 3-4 weeks to most destinations). We have a lot of experience and certified people to pack perfumes for international shipments.

All packing materials, preparing the documents and labeling the boxes in our warehouse are at no extra charge. The cost for air shipments will be 3-10% of the value of your order (or can be even more on orders less than USD$5,000). The bigger the order, the shipping cost will be less significant. Keep in mind that the airlines calculate the freight by a minimum of 100Kgs.

Shipping in a container (partial, 20’ or 40’) will be half or even 1/3 from air shipment cost, but will take much longer to deliver.

Another option is to ship your order to your freight forwarder in the US. In this case we will charge only for regular US shipping.

If there are any special packing instructions or extra documents that we need to prepare (like “Country of Origin”, “Safety Material Data Sheet” or detailed packing list) you have to tell us in advance.

All extra costs like customs, taxes, additional freight from the destination airport to your location or any other cost will be at your responsibility. It will be better for you to check with a local broker all your extra costs before placing an order.

If you need to ship to Center or South America or to the Islands let us know, we can help you with finding a company that can deliver the shipment to you (most countries).

If you have any other questions about the international shipping you call us at 954-724-4545.

International Shipping -Under 100Kgs (usually orders up to UDSD$10,000)
Shipping internationally, it all depends to the country we are sending to, for major countries in Europe, China, Australia and others we are using DHL, UPS and FedEx. We do all the labeling, packing and paper work. We will add the shipping charges to your invoice. Delivering time is estimate in 3 to 5 days.
For other regions like Central, South America, Africa, The Caribbean Islands, client needs to hire a cargo company to transport the merchandize. Please contact us with your information, so we can give referrals to cargo companies that have this service according to your area.

Payment Information
We don’t accept online payments. After you submit your order we will review it and call you to confirm the order. The next step we will prepare the shipment and when it’s ready to go we will call you for the payment.

For orders within USA we accept all major credit cards, we will need a scanned copy of your driver license and your credit card (both sides). We can ship only to your billing address. You can pay also by wire transfer or PayPal (2% additional charge).

For International orders we accept wire transfers, Western Union, Money Gram or PayPal (4% additional charge and you need to have a verified address by PayPal).
We will ship after receiving the money. Thank You!

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